After purchasing Connect, Hobsons' CRM, staff members at The University of Memphis realized they needed extra assistance to learn about the new product. Thanks to Training Services, the team was able to learn the ins and outs of the product prior to going live. 

Case study

University of Memphis 

At Luxottica, we are committed to providing competitive and cost effective benefit options as part of our Total Rewards package. Use this brochure to prepare for Annual Enrollment and see the difference Luxottica benefits can bring to you and your eligible dependents.

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Benefits at Luxottica

This white paper presents how colleges and universities are moving toward resource conservation and going green within their admissions processes. Because budgets are always on the forefront of admission offices’ minds, many higher ed institutions are turning their focus to technology to help cut costs and often are getting creative with their solutions.

white paper

Going Green in Recruitment & Admissions

A unified, consistent look goes a long way to help guests know that you are a part of Target Optical. This internal communication ensured our team members looked separate from Target (host) and provided dress code guidelines.

internal communication

Team Member Dress Code

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